Bring back the Good Old Traditional Weave!!!

Well well well, what can I really say! I will first of all start off by saying 'Happy New Month' of February. It seems 2021 has been a lot for the majority of us due to lockdown restrictions and everything going on around the world. Its been real quiet for a lot of us in the hair and beauty industry. With events being cancelled and majority of people now working from home, there is definitely a lack of need for hair services as a lot of women dont really feel the need to go all out to get there hair done.

Now this brings me back to todays topic, 'Bring back the good Old Traditional Weave'. There was a point in time where I could do about 4-6 weave installs in a day. Majority of these hair instalations were hair extentions sewn-in for client with part their hair left. These sections left out would either be middle/centre or sides/half part with edges(peremeters) of the hair also left out. These made hair installations look a lot more realistic and natural as the aim was to make the hair blend effortlessly with the hair extentions... And then came the closures, the frontals and then the wigs.

Dont get me wrong I am not trying to say that closures, frontals or wigs are bad in any shape or form as they can look real nice when done properly by a stylist. But really, let us all be honest here, they are not always practical and alot of them can also look bogus and unrealistic, making it very impractical for everyday use. 

For example, closures and frontals can look wickedly beautiful but as nice as they look they start to become a pain in the neck after about 2 weeks or even 3 weeks if the hairstyle is gracious enough to last you that long. If its not the elastic band pulling back, yes the elastic band attatched to the sides of the closure or frontal to lay it down then its glue that you have keep adding after about a week or so to lay the front... Let us not even talk about those artificial edges that have some of us looking like, we missed the forehead section in heaven. Like sis, why are your baby hairs touching your eyebrows?

I personally think that when it comes to wigs especially, I dont think they were supposed to be for everyday use. I'd like to think of a wig as emergency hair rather than a hair accessory for everyday use but to each their own. I am not even one of those women that like to tell people what to do with their hair or bodies as I believe that people should do as they please. Well as long as you are not hurting anyone and dont go and kill somebody because you will end up in her royal majesty prison... Don't get me wrong, wigs can be fun as you can pick and choose from a different variety of styles and colours but they really should not be the daily norm...

A traditional weave installation gives you a really fresh and more youthful look. There is no hassle of having to glue down the hair or take out your hair when you are indoors by yourself. It Honestly feels really good to look fresh and clean even when you are in your own environment i.e. at home. There is nothing like having your own hair laid and well blended into a weave. You dont just look good, you feel good and in additon to that, the chances of you answering your door, looking all jacked up when the post man or someone knocks are very slim.